Shell Clad

Transform your plain shell scheme into an extraordinary exhibit stand today! Shell scheme cladding, also referred to as Shell Clad, is an effective method to highlight your business at events.

Graphics are affixed to the shell scheme utilizing shell-clad clips, and each of these visuals are printed on separate, rollable panels. This means you can easily transport and store them without worrying about damaging the prints.

The ingenious design ensures a seamless look, with panels attached via Velcro, eliminating the need for any additional brackets or hardware. This smooth transition from one panel to another creates an almost uninterrupted visual experience, increasing the impact of your display.

Let us add a dash of enchantment to your event today by upgrading your basic shell scheme to a professional and eye-catching display stand. With Shell Clad, your brand will surely stand out and captivate your audience at any event.

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