Rental Services

Preparation for any event or exhibition can be hectic and stressful. Let us manage that for you as we offer our full range of services from logistics & packaging, installation and dismantling, storage and maintenance of your prints and systems.

Portable Systems Customisation

At Display Systems, we are known for our workmanship and quality. Throughout our years in the industry, we have invented our very own Portable Systems not found in the market even today. We are capable to curate different systems which caters to the needs of our clients’ requirements.

Project Management

Holding an Event or Exhibition locally or overseas can be challenging. With our dedicated and experienced individuals who are trained to work closely with you, let us assist with the manpower and logistics to ensure that your events or exhibition is carried out smoothly

Printing & Fabrication

Advertising in Various Media & Forms Large format printing is an effective and efficient solution to establish a strong brand identity and to have your message seen for awareness. From offices, shop fronts, and in-mall advertisements, to car park gantries and outdoor advertising, we have the complete solution for installing advertisements in various media and forms, ensuring brands connect with their customers at multiple touchpoints. For Fabrication works, we seek true craftsmen and seasoned professionals with an in-depth understanding of the events industry along with its standards and needs. With in-house designers, fabricators and installers, we provide unparalleled control of quality, timing and cost, thereby providing more flexibility with regards to the budget and the timeline for our clients.

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