Pop Up (SEG/ Velcro) Fabric

The Pop up (SEG) is a dynamic display system that involves a fabric graphic fastened to a frame. As you unfold the system, your graphic expands with it, creating a captivating large-format display. It’s a new-age solution offering high-impact visuals with straightforward setup procedures. The system stands out due to its simplicity; you don’t need any tools for the setup, making it incredibly user-friendly. Due to its striking appearance and flexibility, it’s among the most stunning displays available.

The system blends the innovative use of (SEG) and channel bars around the borders, paired with bright LED ladder lights, resulting in an awe-inspiring display. The SEG channel bars feature grooves that secure the banner tightly, maintaining a smooth and flat presentation throughout the graphic edges.

Sizes Available: 2 Panels to 4 Panels

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Setting Up Pop Up (SEG) Fabric

Setting Up Pop Up (Velcro) Fabric

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