ISO Frame

The ISO Frame is a versatile and user-friendly display stand. It’s lightweight and easy to transport, making it ideal for frequent use. You can utilize it as a standalone banner or attach additional panels for a larger, more customized display. Its revolutionary design introduces the first fully adaptable exhibition system to the market.

With the ISO Frame, you can mold your display wall according to your specific requirements. It provides unrivaled flexibility, accommodating venues of any size. Thanks to its unique and patented Flexi-Wave link system, you can bend the ISO Frame in any direction, up to 180 degrees, for a truly personalized display.

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The ISO Frame system for exhibition stands and displays offers a range of configurations and components to create versatile and engaging setups for various events. These configurations can be customised and combined to suit specific needs and event goals. The modular nature of the ISO Frame system allows for creativity and adaptability, enabling exhibitors to create unique and impactful displays.

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